The Damn Straights

Herbal T (solo artist, producer & multi-instrumentalist) and Lack of Afro (solo artist, producer & multi-instrumentalist) are the joint force that are The Damn Straights, a multifaceted musical outfit producing a veritable smorgasbord of funk, rock & hip-hop.

Herbal T grew up playing music with his twin brother Wax.  He spent several years as a touring bassist with their funk/rap group Macgregor.  After the band dissolved, the two brothers worked together to put out the album “Grizzly Season” and followed that up with a steady output of popular rap videos on their YouTube channel (over 75 million views & 345,000 subscribers to date).  Known for his rap skills as well as musicianship, his 2014 debut solo album  “Lo-Fi Blow Dry” combines his lyricism with dense live instrumentation, showcasing his funk roots. He has also worked with Watsky, Dumbfounded, Anderson Paak & The Fyre Department (Eric Krasno & Adam Deitch).

Along with Wax, the duo first collaborated in 2009 on the Lack of Afro track “International”, then again in 2011 on the worldwide floor-filler “P.A.R.T.Y” which was subsequently used for a worldwide advertising campaign by Footlocker & Adidas. Lack of Afro then produced 4 tracks on Herbal T’s debut solo album “Lo-Fi Blow Dry” in 2014 (including the single “That’s That”), with the rapper then returning the favour by guesting on “Brown Sugar” & “Here We Go Again” on the Lack of Afro album “Music For Adverts” from the same year.

It’s fair to say that when these two collaborate, good things happen.

The Damn Straights’ debut album is coming soon to LOA Records. Initial recording sessions at Studio G in Brooklyn were undertaken in March 2016…stay tuned. In the meantime, check out their “5 in 10” mixes.