Welcome one and welcome all to the brand new website from a brand new label, LOA Records! Home to Lack of Afro, Emma Noble, The Damn Straights, Souls of Gama, The Unity Sextet & The Adam Coopers.

Over the new few months the label will be releasing some great new music by our¬†hugely talented artists. We’re incredibly excited for you to hear it all! In the meantime, check out the¬†Mixes page, where each of our artists has lovingly put together a ‘5 in 10’ mix for your listening pleasure. Its a simple idea – 5 tracks in 10 minutes to give you an idea of what that artist is all about. Keep an eye on this page as there’ll be more and more mixes each month, plus guest mixes from artists & DJs outside of the label too.

The rest of the site should be fairly self-explanatory, so we’ll leave you to have a browse & enjoy..!